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  An interview on "Haolam Haboker" on Reshet 13 With  Avri Gilad and Rotem  Israel about the song "Adon Haselichot

  An interview on French television about
"the song "Adon Haselichot

  An interview on Kikar Hashabat
with Miri Schneorson

An article about the song "Adon haselichot" on the "Arutz 7" website

 An Article about the song 'Adon haselichot'  on KIPA

Liat Yitzhaki - "Tasimi Simla Hadasha" Interview on RESHET BET, the evening culture program 17.2.21

ורד יפתחי גרין - כאן ב' - תרבות הערב 17.2.21ליאת יצחקי - 'תשימי שמלה חדשה' ראיון
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Interview on the program "Closing an Account" hosted by Stella Corinne Lieber and Daniel Ben Simon, Hot 3 - 7.12.20

Liat Yitzhaki - 'Adon haselichot' on 'KAN HALAYLA' with Shlomi Goldberg - KAN 19.8.21

כאן הלילה - 19.8.21 - עם שלומי גולדברגאדון הסליחות
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 An Article about  'Adon haselichot'  song on YNET

Liat Yitzhaki - 'Ya Omri' - 'The Last Word' with Irit Linor and Yifat Bitton  - Galley Zahal 22.6.21

גלצ - המילה האחרונה - עירית לינור ויפעת ביטון 22.6.21יא עומרי
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Liat Yitzhaki and Miriam Peretz in an interview about the song "Tasimi Simla Hadasha" on  "Lifney Hahadashot" with Hila Korach on Reshet 13 - 16.2.21

A Video article on "Sochen Tarbut" show with Kobi Meidan - KAN 11

המילה האחרונה - גל"צ 14.9.20אחות קטנה
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קלמן ליברמן - כאן ב' 9.9.20 אבינו מלכנו
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An article about "Ahot Ktana" Album on "MAARIV

Interview with Sharon Wexler and Uri Levi - KAN 11 

An Article in Nashim magazine

 An Article about  The "Piyyutim" album and "AVINU  Malkeinu" song on YNET

 An Article about 'Lecha Eli T'shukati' on TLV: TIMES

 An Article about 'Lecha Eli T'shukati' on the "Srugim" website

Interview with Romi Neumark in the night news KAN 11 about ths song Ahot Ktana

An article about the song "Ahot Ktana" on the "TLV TIMES" website

An article about the song "Ahot Ktana" on the "Mokasini" website

מה יהיה' עם יואב גינאי - גל"צ 28.8.20'ליאת יצחקי
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25.8.20 נכון להבוקר' עם ישי שנרב'ליאת יצחקי
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An Article about "Lecha Eli T'shukati", On "Harsonski Miyusic"

An Article about "Lecha Eli T'shukati", On "Yuval Erel Blog"

An article about the song "Ahot Ktana" on the "Srugim" website

An article about the song "Ahot Ktana" on the "Arutz 7" website

Interview in the 'Evening Culture' program ,Kan BLiat Itzhaki - 'little sister'
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Published in Maariv local newspapers, September 2018

מקומון רמת גן גבעתיים.jpg

Cover story in Nashim magazine

Article in Globes - G Magazine

Moshe Chitayat, Raash magazine,

an interview with Liat Itzhaki

Liat Itzhaki with a poignant song set to words written

by Na’ama Henkin z”l, May 2016

Liat Itzhaki on Yetzira Mekomit with Tal Man, Channel 2

Liat Itzhaki with Menachem Toker, Channel 2

Ruti Zoartz, Shir Hallel: Liat Itzhaki Releases a New Album and Provides Insights, in Ma’ariv Online, March 10, 2016

TLV Times, “A Star Is Born”

Liat as Cleopatra

A special production for Purim 2017

Numerous artists took part in the project including: Hanan Ben Ari, Emily Amrussi, Sara Blau and more 

Cover story in Nashim magazine

Chen Shiloni, Achbar ha’Ir,

“When Liat Itzhaki Meets the Opera”

Video interview with Yossi Harsonski, Harsonski Miyusic

Assaf Navo writes about “Or min haMizrach”

YNET Judaism

Etrog Magazine

etrog 2017 liat-1.jpg

On Shira Hadasha, a program on Reshet Moreshet with Devora Kitchis

Adi Aharon writes an album critique in Pnima magazine

Liat Itzhaki in a nonstop interview

on Rivka Michaeli’s radio program

התוכנית להשראה עסקית

מארחת את ליאת יצחקי