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In the course of her career, Liat has been invited to take part in numerous talk shows and panels. In 2012-2013, Liat was a member of the panel on the Eshet Chayil program, where she regularly presented the “Jewish Story Corner”. 

Since 2015, Liat has been the presenter of this program, which is broadcast on Channel 10 in a new format in which women from various sectors and professional fields are asked to participate. The guests meet in the studio to discuss issues that pertain to women, society, Judaism, and current events.

Eshet Chayil - Other motherhood

Eshet Chayil - Crisis as growth

Eshet Chayil - Megillat Ruth

Eshet Chayil - Shavuot

Eshet Chayil - Success, failure and everything in between


Since 2016, Liat has presented the Ba’ah l’Shabbat program on Radio Galey Israel. Liat uses this platform to promote both young and veteran artists; interwoven with Liat’s interviews with some of Israel’s leading artists are conversations with listeners and tips for preparing for Shabbat.

One of the jewels in the crown of the program is the “Hall of Fame”, dedicated to established artists who have made their mark on Israeli music (participants have included Chava Alberstein, Ilanit, Ruhama Raz, Yehoram Gaon, and Dudu Barak).

Each week, Liat concludes the show with a piyyut or Jewish melody characteristic of a particular community in Israel, and performed in a special way. She also notes the origins of the composer and the lyricist. 

Interview in the 'Evening Culture' program ,Kan BLiat Itzhaki - 'little sister'
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