Albums and Projects

     Liat Itzhaki

Liat’s debut album appeared in 2012 and is made up, for the most part, of her original songs and compositions. Her lyrics are imbued with simplicity, folk wisdom, and authenticity, and her music is rich and multicultural. The album was warmly praised by critics; its songs were heard often on the radio and were incorporated into various musical projects on television and in the theater.

The Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers of Music in Israel (ACUM) awarded Liat its annual prize for the songs on this album, and the spirit of the album is captured in the judges’ reviews: “We found Liat Itzhaki’s work to be distinctive and original… It is all truly pleasant and special, and anyone hearing them must find her songs touching and heart-warming. The rhythms, the ethnic tones, and the lyrics take the listener to far-away places, and for this reason, we decided to encourage her work and award her the prize.”

Those who directed the production: the esteemed producer and pianist Nadav Biton and the French producer Jean-Pierre Taïeb. The many artists and musicians who contributed to the album include Dudu Tassa, Sagiv Cohen, Zohar Fresco, Hila Alpert, Alon Oleartchik, Maya Belsitzman and Gadi Gidur.  Among the most notable songs on the album are Israeli Dance Prize winner “Ein li Davar”, written in memory of fallen soldier Gad Ezra z”l, “Or min haMizrach” and “Sima”.

Eize Yamim

Etz haRimon

Yomi veLeyli

V’Az Tavo haAhava

Shir leYaldi

Or min haMizrach

T’nu Od Ahava

Ein li Davar

Beit Shean


 Ke’arot Shel Ahava

The Ke’arot Shel Ahava concept album was released in 2015.

The album is dedicated to the poetry of the renowned poet Tania Hadar z”l and all of the songs on it, save for “Bo’ee Eema” and “Eema Hachi Nehederet”, were composed by Liat. 

The musical production was led by the international producer and pianist Adi Hayat. The album’s sixth track, “B’Shir Ma’alot Charuch”, was selected for Israel’s 2015 Poetry Festival. The album was acclaimed by critics and its songs were used as the soundtrack for the Ke’arot shel Ahava show starring Michal Hadar-Peretz, Tania’s daughter.

B’Shir Ma’alot Charuch

Ke’arot shel Ahava

B’Kayitz b’Yerushalayim


Eema Hachi Nehederet

Nesoga el Chatzrot Kodshecha

with Jacky Levy

Bo’ee Eema

V’Kol haPachad

Mapat haLev

  Tsaad Kadima  

In this album, Liat performs the songs “Kinneret” (better known as “Sham Harei Golan”) and “Levav Enosh”. Numerous artists took part in the project, including Yardena Arazi, Shlomi Shabat, Avihu Medina, Ruhama Raz, and Sagiv Cohen.


“Kinneret” (“Sham Harei Golan”) and “Levav Enosh”

  Bat HaMakom 2

"This album is a collection of authentic and unique women’s songs, on which Liat sings “Or min haMizrach

   B’Sod haOtiot

The B’Sod haOtiot Hebrew reading curriculum is taught in schools in Israel and Jewish communities around the world. In 2014, Liat was selected from among a number of artists to write and compose songs for the curriculum.

“Shir haOtiot”

 Shir v’Zikaron 2016

The Shir v’Zikaron musical project, a collaboration between Reshet Gimmel Kol Yisrael, Linktone, Ynet, and Yad l’Banim compiles a celebratory album consisting of songs from leading Israeli artists. For the 2016 album, Liat recorded her composition “Hashkiveini l’Shalom”, which sets to music words written by Na’ama Henkin z”l. Among the other artists featured on the album were Riki Gal, Sarit Hadad, Danny Robas, Kobi Aflalo, Yonatan Razel, and Ishai Ribo.  

“Hashkiveini l’Shalom”

Harel Moyal – Debut Album

On his debut album, Harel Moyal performs “Ein li Davar”, written and composed by Liat

“Ein li Davar”, performed by Harel Moyal

Hashmee'ni Kolech

The album is dedicated to the poetry of Chelly Reuven. In this album, Liat copmposed and performs the songs “Asi Bi Kirva”

Asi Bi Kirva